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The Best Way To Protect Your Maricopa Home From Termites

December 10, 2021 - Termites

Do you ever worry about bad things happening to your home? If you are a new homeowner, this is probably something you think about often. For most, these feelings go away with time and after the purchase of quality homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, even the best homeowners insurance plans do not cover all disasters. One thing they don't cover is termite damage. If you want to protect your Maricopa home against termite problems, here are some things to consider today.

Do Termites Eat The Wood They Infest?

There are a few different species of wood-destroying pests. Some you may have heard of include carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. One thing most wood-destroying pests have in common is that they do not eat the wood they tunnel through, which raises a question. Do termites eat wood? The answer to this is that they do. How do termites eat wood? Well, subterranean termites, the most common species in our area, break apart water-damaged or softened wood using their strong mandibles. They then carry what they can inside themselves back to their colony to provide food for their queen.

How Bad Is It To Have Termites?

All kinds of termites are bad for homes. The most obvious reason they are bad is that they chew tunnels through structural wood, causing extensive damage over time, weakening foundations, and costing a lot of money to repair. Subterranean termites will also spread moisture damage while they damage wood. They do this to soften sections of wood they plan on tunneling into. One thing you should know about all types of termites is that they don't sleep. They damage homes and other pieces of wood constantly. Combine this with the fact that termite identification is incredibly difficult, and you have a formidable foe on your hands.

What Attracts Termites To Homes?

One might think that wood is the only thing that attracts termites to properties. The truth is, this usually isn't the case. When swarmers (flying termites) check properties for food, they often find items like wet cardboard, newspaper, sticks, leaves, dead stumps, fallen trees, and other forms of organic and wood-based clutter. After building a nest and laying termite eggs, these pests then start to look around for more food options, which usually leads them to an outbuilding or the exterior of a home.

Seven Signs Of Termites

  1. Discolored spots caused by moisture damage indoors
  2. Hollow-sounding wood that should not sound hollow
  3. Mud tubes running up your home's exterior foundation
  4. Swarmers buzzing or crawling around indoors
  5. Overly-squeaky floorboards or stairs
  6. Tight-fitting windows and doors
  7. Other damage related to moisture or the hollowing out of wood

What's The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Home From Termites?

If you have recently noticed some signs of termites inside your Maricopa home or are looking for some options to protect your property from these pests, you are in the right place. At Loveall Pest Control, we put in great effort and care to ensure our termite control and other pest control plans in Maricopa are built to be effective and survive the test of time. We recommend starting with a detailed inspection to give our team a chance to evaluate your home and property for existing termites or attractants that might invite these destructive insects in the future. After this, your technician will suggest an option to protect your home against termites year-round.

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