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Black Widow

Spiders Are Immune to Insecticide?

Spray insecticide on a spider and see what happens… You will watch it “shrug” off the assault and go on its’ “spidey” way. Household pesticides use pyrethroids, a compound that disrupts the nerve cells in animals – so why doesn’t it work on spiders?

Spiders use venom and venom is essentially what Insecticide is. The spider venom mimics the effects of insecticide.

So why does Chrysanthemum work?

What Is Pyrethrin?

The type of natural, organic, pure pyrethrin we are talking about is not the same synthetic kind that is mixed with other chemicals you get from a manufacturer. Natural, strong Pyrethrin, is derived from dried chrysanthemum flowers, mainly from Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium. It is the perfect solution for Homeowners looking for a 100% natural way for spider control.

How Does it Work?

Pyrethrin is rapidly turning into a integrated pest control management system preference due to the fact it’s biodegradable and breaks down with hardly any (what we could call mild) oxygen exposure. It’s a herbal neurotoxin, meaning that the substance assaults the nervous system of the insects, like insecticide; and the great thing is does not harm birds and mammals.

Kenya produces the most strong chrysanthemums, or pyrethrin.

Use Chrysanthemums as Companion Plants

Many gardeners use chrysanthemums as accomplice flora to repel:

  • aphids
  • leafhoppers
  • spider mites
  • harlequin bugs
  • ticks
  • pickle worms
  • root nematodes
  • and imported cabbage worms and different pests

You Can Make Your Own Chrysanthemum Bug Killer

If you decide to do some landscaping, you can grow your personal chrysanthemums. You do this by making dust out of them. Simply choose some flowers—it’s higher when they are full, earlier than they begin to wilt. Then, dry them in a vicinity with right air circulation. Once they are absolutely dried out, grind them into a best powder. Once you have the right amount of dust, you then sprinkle your chrysanthemum dirt round vegetation that are inclined to bugs.