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A huge FAQ – How can humans get rid of pigeons? There are pigeon troubles all over from birds on roofs, balconies, and industrial facilities to lingering on the sidewalk. Pigeons are creating a hazard. Irrespective of the mess, pigeon feces are corrosive. It can eat thru metal or even concrete.

Loveall Pest Control will explain how to get rid of pigeons and the usage of distinctive methods, so that you can effortlessly locate the pigeon control solution you are looking for.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

  • CULLING PIGEONS This approach consists of shooting, poisoning, the usage of traps and even raptors.
  • REDUCING PIGEON REPRODUCTION This approach consists of the use of pigeon reproductive control, nest destruction and/or pest management solution of egg elimination.
  • PHYSICALLY EXCLUDING PIGEONS This approach consists of the usage of spikes, wires, slides and shock tracks.
  • USING DETERRENTS This approach consists of sonic and ultrasonic emitters, effigies, mirrored and direct mild sources, propane cannons and skilled raptors.
  • USING REPELLENTS This technique consists of the usage of gels and pastes, optical gels, fogs and vapors to deter pigeons.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons from a Balcony

Getting rid of pigeons from small areas like balconies can be resolved with surprisingly easy common sense solutions.

You can use a wire coil or stainless-steel wire to deter pigeons perching on rails.

Shock Track
Several suppliers provide a “shock track” device to maintain birds off balconies. The shock tune does now not harm most birds, like a chicken, however. it presents adequate stimulation to make the focused perching vicinity unattractive.

Consider the use of a netting machine. This knocks birds off from Balconies as they try to perch or fly within the vicinity. This is one of the most costly alternatives, though if installed and hooked up right, it is one hundred percent effective.

Sound or mirrored light
The best way to deter pigeons from your patio, deck, or balcony, is with sound or mirrored light.

You can attain this with a

  • Wind chime
  • Reflective or Mylar balloon
  • Aluminum foil or foil pans
  • CD’s – The mirrored color disorients the birds.

Plastic owl or rubber snake
Consider the use of scarecrows (“effigies”). The most frequent use of an effigie in residential areas is a plastic owl or rubber snake. Unfortunately, the results are short-lived. The pigeons come to apprehend the scarecrow as some thing that is no longer a threat.

Consider the usage of anti-perching spikes that can connect somewhere the birds like to perch. The intention of using Bird Spikes is to safely “poke” the birds someplace else. They are on hand at your local animal feed or department store in plastic or stainless steel.

Gel Repellants
You place gel repllants in places where pigeons perch. The gel makes the floor sticky and the birds will attempt to keep away from it. Unfortunately, dirt and particles take their toll and reapplication is regularly necessary. The utility of gel repellants is no longer endorsed where smaller animals and birds reside. The little critters can get caught in the goo as well and create pest infestation or health hazard.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Roofs

If you have a pigeon hassle on your roof, there are a few matters you can do to get rid of them.

First, attempt to learn or discern how pigeons or birds are getting onto your roof in the first place. If you have any holes or cracks they can penetrate or use as an entry point, seal them up with some type of wire mesh or caulking. You can also get barrier that doesn’t harm the bird – like a wire fence round the perimeter of your roof.

Keeping pigeons off a roof can be a ways extra challenging. Here are some famous techniques you may think about if you marvel how to get rid of pigeons on roofs:

  • Consider the use of a wire coil or stainless-steel wire to deter pigeons from perching on the ridge(s).
  • A “shock track” gadget may hold birds off rooftops
  • Using wire or netting can actually give curb appeal for a roof graph that accommodates nooks. You can additionally install nets where pigeons nest.
  • Solar panels are great for the home but they supply amazing harborage for pigeons. In this case, using metal grid netting is the best technique to stop gain of entry birds.
  • Flat business roof patterns have their very own set of challenges. The first choice is to electrify the perching areas. The 2nd alternative is to deploy spikes. Be aware that pigeons really like to rest and nest in/above/around HVAC installations. As a solution, consider netting units.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons at Industrial Facilities

The primary nature and scope of current industrial amenities make it highly desirable for pigeons and other birds. Not only for nesting but for feeding an reproduction.

Pipes, beams, poles, and catwalks provide great harborage and nesting options. Food sources are commonly placed nearby as well as insects that circulate in the area; meaning pigeons can go round freely from one location to the next.

Pigeons are a huge nuisance and can come with a high price tag. Over time the pigeon feces and nests can create a big hazard or harm to a plant’s mechanical and electrical components. Furthermore, the birds’ droppings and different particles add extra dangers to an already very hazardous area.

Most traditional strategies of pigeon mitigation provide little remedy to an industrial facility and so regularly culling options are considered because it can be very pricey and impractical with all other options considered. Methods such as trapping and poisoning the birds may assist in alleviating the pigeon problem – albeit temporarily – due to their speedy breeding, pigeons constantly return and repopulate the area for months, sometimes years.

There are simply two alternatives:

  • Increase mortality with the frequent culling methods by trapping, shooting or poisoning
  • Reduce bird and pigeon population with contraceptives

A contraceptive has top notch use in a massive area where traditional fowl techniques are not effective.

While baiting birds may seem counterintuitive to some, the profitable long-term use proves it is an effective solution.

A bird bait, or contraceptive, reduces the populace naturally, thru attrition. With persisted use, the populace declines at roughly 50% – annually.


Short of exterminating the birds, there is no foolproof way to get rid of all of them.

Pigeons have accompanied mankind for heaps of years and, like rats, are not leaving anytime soon.

Irrespective of any humane considerations, the informal observer regularly asks, “why not just kill the birds”? While culling selections furnish an instant and tangible answer to an acute pigeon problem, the results are fleeting. More regularly than not, the bird and pigeon population will surely “backfill” the void created by means of culling. The birds no only breed fast but they come back stronger. Killing the birds simply affords a “phantasm of control”.

The best way is to eliminate their food source and manipulate their feeding, nesting and breeding – in order to supply a longer term bird-pigeon mitigation plan.