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Scorpion Control In Maricopa, AZ

Protecting Your Maricopa Home From Scorpions

Living in Arizona means that you'll have an encounter with scorpions at some point. Ideally, the encounter won't result in anything other than you seeing the scorpion from a safe distance when you're out enjoying nature, but there is a possibility that scorpions will get onto your Maricopa property. If that happens, you need the effective home pest control services of Loveall Pest Control to eliminate them for you. We are a local pest control company with over a decade of experience solving scorpion problems for homeowners.

What You Need To Know About Scorpions

Knowing some basic information about scorpions can help you in a couple of ways. First, it's helpful to know what to look for and be concerned about when you think you have scorpions on your property. Second, the more you know about scorpions, the better prepared you'll be to prevent them from getting onto your property.

Scorpions are related to spiders and ticks. Most of the scorpion species in Arizona are nuisance pests. They can sting, and it will cause pain similar to a bee sting, but it won't lead to any major health problems. However, the Arizona bark scorpion is the one scorpion in our area that can deliver a fatal sting.

Scorpions generally live around 10 years but can live up to 25 years. They are nocturnal and spend their days hidden in dark places, such as under rocks, logs, debris, or in the soil. If it gets especially hot or dry, they may try to enter your house to find shelter in a cooler location.

Our Scorpion Control Services

To protect your property from scorpions, Loveall Pest Control first identifies the scorpion harborage areas and any entry points around your house they could use to get inside. We use a variety of treatment methods to treat these areas to eliminate scorpions and protect your home.

We also know how important it is to educate our customers about scorpions and common preventative measures you can take to avoid an infestation. We'll make recommendations to help you remove common harborage areas, such as woodpiles, trash, debris, stones, and more. We'll also recommend repairing torn screens in windows and doors, sealing gaps, holes, and cracks, and eliminating any other potential entry points.

Stop Worrying About Scorpions On Your Maricopa Property

If you've been dealing with scorpions on your property or in your house, Loveall Pest Control offers the Maricopa pest elimination services you need for a safe home. Not only will we provide the treatments necessary to eliminate the scorpions on your property, but we'll also help you make the changes necessary to avoid future pest infestations. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Maricopa or request your free inspection.

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