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Termite Control In Maricopa, AZ

Stop Wood-Destroying Termites From Damaging Your Maricopa Home

Termites are common pests all over the United States, and they cause problems whenever they get into buildings. As wood-damaging insects, these little pests spend their time creating tunnels in the wooden structures in your home, weakening them over time. The destructive nature of termites, coupled with their ability to go unnoticed for long periods, creates a serious problem for homeowners.

If your Maricopa home has no protection against termites, it could already be infested. Even if it isn’t, it’s wise to have preventative measures put in place to avoid a termite infestation. Loveall Pest Control provides the residential pest control services you need to get rid of an active infestation and to prevent new infestations from occurring.

Termite Control From Loveall Pest Control

At Loveall Pest Control, we offer two main methods of termite control. Both work to eliminate and prevent termite infestations. We’ll work with you to determine which termite control method is best for your home.

Our trench and treat method involves digging a shallow trench in the soil around the foundation of your house. We’ll apply the treatment into the trench, then fill the trench back in. In some cases, we’ll also drill into the foundation in certain areas, inject the treatment into the hole, then fill the hole back in.

This treatment method works because it creates a barrier of protection around your house. Termites walk through the barrier without realizing it. Once they do, they’ll transfer the active ingredient to other members of the colony, and it eventually works its way through the entire colony.

Our second termite control method is the installation and maintenance of bait stations. We’ll place bait stations in the soil around the perimeter of your house. When termites find the stations, they take the bait back to their colony. Eventually, the bait will eliminate the entire colony.

Don’t Let Termites Harm Your Home

Termites thrive in Maricopa’s climate, and termite protection is essential if you want to avoid damage to your house. Loveall Pest Control provides the Maricopa, AZ pest control services you need to eliminate and prevent termite infestations. We’ll work with you to determine the right residential or commercial pest treatment method for your property. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.

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